Happy April! Book Updates!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  I’m excited to share in this update that the editing and layout designs for the Art book and coloring book are COMPLETE!  We are heading to the printers!!!

As I shared in a previous update, the coloring book pages were bumped from 30 coloring pages to 40!! Giving you more sexy art to color and enjoy! ;)

For the Art book, I was able to squeeze in two more pages of art for a total of 122 pages of sexy art for you to enjoy.


I will be transmitting the digital files to the printers later today so they can begin the task of getting our beautiful hard cover book and coloring books printed and shipped.


As of right now, the printers are estimating they can have the books delivered between April 26th and May 5th.  Once they arrive to me I’ll beginning packing up your rewards and getting these shipped out to you ASAP!




If you backed this project on Kickstarter and went to my website www.JustMikeysArt.com to finalize your order, Your Reward is locked in and you are good to go.


If you have NOT finalized your order, and still want to receive your rewards, please head to my website today and lock in your rewards by finalizing your order. www.JustMikeysArt.com


All Orders are still expected to be shipped by the week of May 9th!! (My Birthday ;) )


Thank you so much for your support and patience. We are almost at the finish line!


Next update will be in a few weeks when the books come in! Stay tuned!!!




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