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Pit lick

Pit lick

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"Pit Lick" is a striking line drawing that captures the raw essence of human sensuality and self-exploration. The minimalist style, characterized by bold, continuous lines, emphasizes the contours and form of the human body, creating a sense of fluidity and movement. The figure, depicted in a provocative pose with an arm raised and a tongue extended towards the armpit, evokes themes of self-indulgence and intimacy. The use of earthy tones adds warmth and depth, while the abstract representation of the nude body suggests a deeper connection between physical desire and inner self-awareness. This piece challenges conventional notions of eroticism, inviting viewers to explore the boundaries of personal and bodily expression.

Your print will arrive as pictured. Your print will NOT be censored or watermarked — 

All Art Prints are printed on beautiful premium fine art paper. This paper is designed to make all images and colors POP right off the page.

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Homoerotic art prints from JustMikeysArt are designed and digitally drawn by the artist in California, USA.

Your purchase helps supports my small Queer/ Gay/ Deaf/ Latino Art business.

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